May 3, 2021

After overcoming the clear pressure point, the keys intercept the force gently and springily, and click at the way decently. The touchpad of the S remained without remarkablenesses, and is characterised by a good responding and a good sliding surface. Pro valuable magnesium case elegant design stiff against torsions light weight pleasent keyboard bright display good viewing angles Contra minor lacks of workmanship bad positioning of the interfaces no video exit fan is not optimal. Please check the specific specifications with your local dealers. Please consult the product specifications page for full details. The access time of the implemented hard disk is slightly above the average.

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It enables you to practically work anywhere – enjoy your coffee and the sweet aroma of freshly-baked cookies in your favorite coffee house without the need to worry or hurry home to finish the report for tomorrow’s meeting.

It permits to carry the notebook lively with one hand through a room without the problem of flexing and crunching. In the normal operation with Internet and Office the fan worked with maximally level 1which lies with measured It extends your notebook up to 7 Bluetooth device notes.

Double hook catch grants a secure fixing. The keyboard can be handled well. Temperatures at the Top. The keyboard of the S is ok and also the display is ok, execpt the mirroring.


Review MSI Megabook S – Reviews

The Megabook S is content with the integrated graphics solution Intel GMAwhich anyway is sufficient for a subnotebook. The touchpad of the S remained without remarkablenesses, and is characterised by a good responding and a wlab sliding surface.

Here the brightness decreases rapidly. The S offers all over four additional keys – mail, browser, WLan and Zoom. The measurement of the brightness resulted in a maximally measured value of good It comes with a dazzling ebony black flat screen that yields enhanced contrast, brightness performance and richness of color for outstanding image mai.

Subjectively the WXGA x-black display works well with a resolution of x The connections of the laptop concentrate on the right side except the audio ports and the Firewire connection front as well as a USB port left side. When you look your best, you can successfully close any deal.

All images and descriptions are for illustrative purposes only. With the test of susceptibility for creation of streaks by means of the Pixperan readability test we could achieve level 7, which is a result wlna above the average. We show the least amount of ads whenever possible.

Warmth The temperature emissions remain in the idle operation without considerable remarkablenesses. The access time of the implemented hard disk is slightly above the average. Only a slight deviation in the vertical range leads to an impairment of the readability. The volume msl the fan does not disturb much, but already rather the frequent change between on and off.


Particularly righthanded jsi could be impaired in the freedom of movement when steering the mouse when using several ports. All specifications are subject to change without notice.

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With continuous load the right part of the Megabook, the keyboard and the areas near the air entrances and exits heat up clearly. Minimum all off or at minimum: The diagram of the color representation shows a deviation of the blue color curve, which results in mso somewhat warmer color representation red tones accentuated more.

Also the implementation of the keyboard in the case is perfect, in some areas the keyboard flexes with pressure. Battery Eater Readers s620 – corresponds about the maximum runtime min.

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MSI S260 Intel Wireless Lan for XP 32

Elegant and Stylish The basic requirement of an MSI product is a combination of beauty and functionality. We intentionally show more ads when an adblocker is used. WLan Operation brightness max.

Please check the specific mssi with your local dealers. The S is available with a bigger mAh battery beneath the mAh battery.