July 21, 2020

I think you’re instructed to reboot. So when i need to do max i just rollback drivers and whenn needed reinstall forceware. I will be giving this a try soon. Click the Power User tab. It takes maybe 20 minutes, but it’s easy and it might be worth looking into. So long as nVidia doesn’t lock out the SQ hacks, it will work.

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Chose the NVStrap driver tab. It probably is the most interesting looking motherboard released ever thanks to a new PCB coating. However I just found NVStrap. Thanks for any help. It will insall you to restart. Allow me to point you to a different forum for clarification.

So long as nVidia doesn’t lock out the SQ hacks, it will work.

NVStrap Driver – No more Softquadro hacking – Ars Technica OpenForum

Choose low level system setting 2. Do so, and now browse to the directory where you extracted the Detonator Originally posted by DrSpanky sorry im abit out on my hardware why do u want to mod into a Quadro? I just applied the NVStrap patch to a fresh set of Its for loading presets or somthing like that. It will build a database the first time through.


On RivaTuner NVstrap Driver Enable low-level system tweaks?

Overall a simple looking yet very versatile keyboard with some very cool per key LED lighting features that can animate and has compatibility with macro’s, without the use of any software. Click the ‘Install’ button and that should be it. Hey Thanks for the info If a game focuses on OpenGL, you might get a boost from this, but it does not hold any advantages for D3D. I’ve heard that it works on the MX cards, but I am sceptical since I think they have different cores.

Having the framerate jump from 60 to doesn’t really sound very realistic to me. Originally posted by gusgizmo just wondering, is it possible to flash the bios of a geforce card to make it a quadro permantly? No need to be fancy, just an overview. The product has an incredibly small form factor yet is powered with a Fiji XT chip that brings some significant gaming performance to this graphics card.

This works perfect for me, but when I go to play counter-strike, it freezes ijstall just about 5 seconds every time. Don’t quote me on that though. Also, does the old Quadro3 hack still work on the newer Detonator drivers? Thanks I don’t remember what importing coolbits does to display settings with the modified driver set don’t know if clockspeed settings will show up – I’ll check when I get home.


Nvstrzp there anyway though, to use the latest drivers, as im sure there are MANY more resolutions and enhancements that we are missing, using such dated drivers.

Originally posted by OC Noob Great guide, everthing seems to be right with what I’ve done, but how can I test it to make sure its working right? Insgall a little reluctant to use the GF4 patch, since my card isn’t a GF4.

Let’s have a peek shall we? Go to NVStrap driver tab, click install 3. Your name or email address: I must have missed em. Btw, yes you cant notice a difrerence between 60fps and fps, but seeing as how the fps usually fluctuates it can be noticeable.

The first screen is the ‘Main’ screen [see tab on top].